Fertile Ground

  “My Heart Dreams In Tango”  — by G. Andersen (Zagreb, Croatia)

 “My Heart Dreams In Tango” — by G. Andersen (Zagreb, Croatia)

So you want to go back to the beginning?

Remember the dark and warmth?

Taste the salt and sweetness

The smell of iron...

Gasp for breath

A thousand stars

And earth, unbreaking

Fertile ground...

Oh! My homeland,

This mother of grass and open spaces

And blood

How I long to pull myself out of and

Into you

Bear down in hunger

In ecstasy


And earth

Til I am nothing

And everything

All you are

So much wider and sharper than heaven’s gate

I am everything you are

I am everything you are

A siren scream

A whisper...

“Welcome home.”