Go ahead

Stuff it in

Fill it full

And hope the seams hold true

The 'seems' hold true

Get high off the slap, bang, crash kiss

Of an era that never knew you

While you hide


The pages

Of an era that you missed

And pretend that it's real life.

Go ahead.

Pretend it's poetic

Instead of pathetic

When the seeds fall





Unburdened of the potential

For life that they carried

For life is lost

In the decorating of rooms

Instead of the declarations of war

You have to make on complacency

On 'almost good enough'

All the excuses & lies

You hide behind

To feel safe instead of


Distracted & diverted by

Pretty enough, smart enough

Fat, fast, faster!

Sip that latte to wake up

Let it


Straight into the vein

While they call you insane

For having delusions of grandeur

Regarding dreams

Sleep is for the wicked

Sleep is for the weak

You have to be fast enough

To catch your sleep


Take a pill.

Take a pill not to feel the pain

Of getting burned out

And penned in by wants

By should have, have not, have had, should nots,

If only's & not-good-enoughs.

Don't reach for the moon, little one.

It's only another false light.

A diversion

To distract you from

What's outside...the inside.

And we all know that what's important

Is that her outside (and inside) is tight.

When your head is in the clouds,

And your heart is six feet under ground

You're not thinking right.


Go ahead, girl.


But remember, if you never try,

You'll never know.

Only good girls take it slow.


Addictions. (Essouira, Morocco).