We are so much more than we know.



I have seen the fire of the human spirit subdued--

Apparent in the shame & guilt

Of half-lidded eyes &

Passive conversation;

the gags & ties

Strapped down through apologies

& rounded shoulders.


How can we know what we are capable of

When we have grown, through generations,

Beggars at our own doors?

In our own homes?

Our own hearts?


To apologize for being a woman

Emotion-filled & tempest-laden

Is to apologize for living &

For giving life to this world.


I cry with the blood of my sisters;

the blood of my friends

I weep for strangers--

men & women-- 

and cry out with the birth pains

of my creations;

cry out for bringing something of my soul into this world

that has always been so hungry for our blood

and silence. 


See, now, what destruction

These chains have brought

To every living creature?


And tell me,

How could we help but storm & rage

When we feel the desperation of our children?

Our sisters?

Our ancestors?

When we were made to give voice to

The pains & passions of every living thing?

When we have gagged ourselves

On our own words & struggles,

Stifled & silent

Since the day we were born?