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And just like that…I’ve done it! The press of a few little buttons + a link attached to my website & I now officially have a PATREON ACCOUNT! (A place where I can potentially begin to be paid for my work).

I struggled with this notion for so long—I recoiled at the idea of having to ‘ask’ yet again for money. It seems like it’s all I ever do:

Can you help me make an album…even if it takes more than a year to produce? Is the song I’m singing worth a dollar to you? If you liked my performance, can you spare a bit of gas money?

I hate begging. In the end, though, I had to ask myself a very big & difficult question:

Do I believe that what I am striving to create or offer the world is worth existing?

Yes. Then I need to at least be able to earn $1/month for the literally hundreds of hours I put into everything I do...

So, at the urging of many friends over the last few years:

It now exists.

I will continue to attempt to keep as much as I can FREE for everyone, because I believe that often those who suffer most for lack of finances are the ones who suffer greatest & I think folklore, music, dance, expression should be for everyone. I also know I need to eat once in a while & if I cannot take care of my basic needs, than I certainly cannot foster a company. If I cannot sustain myself, then my work cannot succeed—nor can it one day grow into something that offers opportunity & growth for so many others, as I hope it will…

I believe I deserve to be paid at least $1 this month for all my work.

…Do you?

I will go back, now, to my podcasting/researching/studying/writing/composing/practicing/ arranging/marketing/networking/designing/performing & goodness knows what else I spend my time doing, rather than seeing my friends for coffee (even once per year), calling my family or walking in the woods & peacefully getting lost…

Thank you, PATREON, for making it possible for artists/creators/inventors to be supported as they attempt to make a more beautiful, creative, imaginative, possible, kind & connected world.

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