The Maid On The Shore (ft. Lady Maisery)

Radio Air Date:     January 7th @ 1:00pm (UK time)!

Radio Air Date: January 7th @ 1:00pm (UK time)!

Theft. Murder. Virginity. Vengeance. Feminism. Folklore. Flowers…? In this episode we will take a brief look at female heroism in English folksong, what it is to be a woman in folk music & hear voices of contemporary women in folk music when we are joined by phenomenal folk trio, Lady Maisery (separately known as Hannah James, Rowan Rheingans & Hazel Askew).


This episode discusses some adult-themed issues. The opinions & thoughts voiced regarding these folk songs are speculative, personal & not set in stone. If you have corrections, opinions, arguments or agreements you wish to voice, they are MOST welcome. If you wish to offer other female-centric folk songs, stories or dance traditions, they are doubly welcome! This episode was created to incite discourse…



Coming soon!

REMINDER: The artists featured on these episodes earn their living through performance & creation. Please support folk artists by buying their albums, sharing their work with friends & attending live performances. LADY MAISERY will be coming out with a new, LIVE album this year (I’ve heard it & it is amazing), so be sure to keep an eye out for it or attend one of their concerts, if you can!