The Importance of Sound (revisited)

The Importance of Sound (revisited)

I am incredibly excited to say that Two Rivers Radio in York (UK) has generously offered to host Crossing Borders from the road every 4 weeks, broadcast live inside The Corner Pin Pub!

To start us off, I will be revisiting the original introductory episode of the series, but this time as a full, hour-long episode complete with a small handful of my favorite folk songs & artists (traditional & modern). Be sure to check it out on November 12th, 2018 from 1-2pm at!



  • Wally Pumpkin (Dowally) - Scotland

  • Anueit Toqueram (Cocanha) - Occitania/Catalonia

  • Erti Nakhvit (Trio Mandili) - Georgia

  • Wrong Foot Forward (Flook) - England/Northern Ireland

  • Bodabourrées (Snaarmaarwaar) - Belgium

  • Lapp-Nils (Irmelin) - Sweden (singing ‘Polish Tunes’)

  • Gubben Wester (Väsen) - Sweden

  • Ant Tėvulio Dzidzio Dvaro (Obelija) - Lithuania

  • En attendant (Au Gré Des Vents) - France

  • Põhjatuuled (Lepaseree) - Estonia

  • Fhuair Mi Pòg (Marit Fält & Rona Wilkie) - Sweden/Norway & Scotland *

    * Stay tuned for an interview with these incredible musicians, later in the series!